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Still Waters Herbal Gift Shop has numerous loose herbs, sold by the ounce. Also available and created on the premise are formulated herbal compounded capsules, tinctures and tea’s. Not only for use in helping to treat specific ailments, they are for the promotion of optimal health and nutrition. Some of the herbs are native to the area; carefully wild crafted. Many are from all over the world, purchased through reputable herbal suppliers. If an individual has specific health needs, formula’s may be adjusted or created to meet them.

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Come by and check out other creations. Powders, creams, healing salves, bath salts, perfume, lip balm and tooth tonic. All are made from the finest ingredients without aluminum, nor carcinogenic ingredients. A complimentary cup of tea is always available upon request. Open by chance or appointment.


Shop Herbal Capsules
The herbs in the compounded capsules are carefully wild-crafted and certified organically grown. Each herbal capsule formula is mixed with specific proportions of dried powdered herbs…

Shop Herbal Tea
Teas focus on specific issues. A cup of tea has the power to relax the body, soothe the soul, clearing blocked energy. Healing herbal agents are delivered into the blood stream much faster than capsules or tinctures.

Shop Herbal Tincturestinctures
The ability of a tincture to specifically help in the treatment of chronic viral infections, including staph and strep, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr Virus ( EBV ), hepatitis, shingles, mononucleosis and other liver viruses, makes it a unique, much needed medicinal tonic.

Custom Herbal Formulas – Made just for you!
Besides the herbal treatments that are pre-made, here at the shop, a custom-made formulation is always a consideration. A consultation with follow ups, is highly recommended to keep the herbs working for you, and to keep updated on how any healthy life style changes are working. Formula’s may need to be adjusted, or course of treatments changed, to meet the uniqueness of each individual.